in your arms swimwear conscious eco friendly fashion brand swim knit

We are the sun.  We are the moon.  We are the sea.  We are the sand.  We are the sky.  
We are In Your Arms.

In Your Arms, is a lifestyle label born and bred in the Australian sunshine. Inspired by nature, art, travel and exploring the unknown, In Your Arms encourages the creative soul. 

The ethos is simple; create high quality, timeless, key wardrobe pieces to last. In Your Arms creates sustainable and fair fashion. Using recycled and biodegradable packaging, In Your Arms is a conscious brand. The ethically made signature In Your Arms Swim Knit™ is a new texture, this fast drying lightweight knitted fabric is unique to the brand.


The In Your Arms girl lives life to the fullest, she's a free spirit with messy hair and sun kissed skin. She's spontaneous and she's adventurous, she jumps deep into the ocean and walks barefoot in the sand. She follows the moon and falls in love easily, she takes chances and makes mistakes. She's an explorer and a dreamer, but most of all she lives for the moment, she lives for the now.